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Dylan on Dylan
Spin Magazine
Volume One, Number Eight
December 1985


A dozen influential records:

Lady's Man - Hank Snow
Lucille - Little Richard
High Lonesome Sound - Rosco Holcomb
Tom Joad - Woody Guthrie
Mystery Train - Elvis Presley
Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly
Molly And Tenbrooks - Bill Monroe
Get Back - Big Bill Broonzy
Chauffeur Blues - Memphis Minnie
Riding On Train 45 - The Delmore Brothers
Ida Red - The Smokey Mountain Boys
Pictures From Life's Other Side - Hank Williams

Five bands I wish I had been in:

King Oliver Band
The Memphis Jug Band
Muddy Waters Chicago Band
(with Little Walter and Otis Spann)
The Country Gentlemen
Crosby, Stills & Nash

Some movies I wish I was in:

The Devil and Miss Jones
I Was a Zombie for the FBI
Ben Hur
Raintree Country

Tips for girls who'd like me to like them:

Tell me everything

One thing I'd like to improve about myself:

My penmanship

Five favorite movie actresses:

Hedy Lamar (I can't remember what she was in, though)
Dorothy Danbridge (I loved her in a movie she really needed, with Trevor Howard)
Marilyn Monroe (The Asphalt Jungle)
Jane Russell (The Outlaw)
Darla (Little Rascals)

Three authors I'd read anything by:


Three pet peeves:

Preachers who preach the "wealth and prosperity" doctrine
Women who sit and eat meat all day
Salesmen who slap you on the back and wink

Events I wish I'd witnessed:

Custer's Last Stand
Hannibal crossing the Alps
Lindbergh landing in Paris
Houdini on the East River

One thing I'd like for Valentine's Day:


Several things still blowin' in the wind:

Three Little Pigs
The wages of sin
Lester Young's horn solo on "When Buddha Smiles."

Some great minor masterpieces:

Bony Maronie
Surfin' Bird
Lonesome Town

My favorite shot in basketball:

The free throw

A couple of people I wouldn't mind being for a minute:

Roy Acuff
Walter Matthau
Leonard Cohen

The best cure for the blues:

Ginger root

Some places I wouldn't want to go back to:

Casino de Paris, Marseille
The Horse & Hounds Tavern, Edinburgh

Things I'll always miss:

Sweet kisses from the Black Queen
Trebuki Bay at sunset,
white geese in the North Carolina sky,
four angels blowing marple trumpets in Times Square

Some things I'd rather forget:

Spaghetti at the airport in Helsinki,
Lady Godiva at the cemetary in New Orleans,
Girl with the horse's head in Mexico

How to let her down easy:

Tell her you're down and out

Two truths that aren't always true:

God helps those who help themselves
Actors get up at 5 a.m.

The furthest thing from my mind:

Perpetual youth and St. James Infirmary

The nearest faraway places:

Isle of Pathos

Games I play:

Crazy 8's, Dominoes, Chess, Hearts,
Fan-tan, He say, she say

One last favor I'd like to ask:

"Resist no evil, but overcome evil with good."


Last updated 08/18/03